Can I have pets?


All of our properties are pet friendly with the following Community policy:

NO OUTSIDE PETS.  If you have a pet, it must live indoors and when taken outside must be on a leash attached to a person.

No pets over 25 lbs.  Also, any type of bite history - are prohibited in the community.

Tying your pet up outside is prohibited.

Please note there is a PET FEE:

Pet Fee is $50 non-refundable, plus $25 per pet, per month, pet size and breed restrictions apply.

Each resident with a pet is required to ensure that their pet is properly vaccinated and does not cause any annoyances or discomfort to other residents of the park or their visitors.


Excessive pet noise, pet poop or pet odors will not be tolerated.

Due to insurance company restrictions some breeds are not allowed in our communities.

The following dog breeds are NOT allowed in the Community:

American Bulldogs, or any variation
Bull Terriors
Caucasian Mountain Dogs
Doberman Pinschers
German Shepherds
Great Danes
Pit Bulls
Staffordshire Terriers
Wolf hybrids, or any mix thereof
OR any pet over 25 pounds


Pets must be 25 pounds or less =

Community Standards